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During our Callan Method training for teachers, potential candidates are screened for personality, ability to present grammar in a friendly yet understandable manner, as well as their pronunciation and English teaching knowledge. ILC Nyelviskola’s Callan Method teacher training course includes up to 60 hours of training inside and outside the classroom. We also have group trainings every semester or even quarterly which focus on specific areas of teaching, for example teaching English grammar, or other programs offered by the school. On top of this Callan training, many teachers also have training and qualifications gained from more traditional methods, including English teaching degrees, CELTA, and TEFL.

One of the most confusing aspects of practicing English with Native Speakers is the plethora of accents and pronunciation differences two Native English Speakers can have. To help our students become accustomed to different accents, we employ Native Speakers from many locations in the English speaking world – including the United States, England, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. The diverse regions our teachers represent help the students gather a broader understanding of the English speaking world. It is not just a standard BBC pronunciation or the American accent heard in films. We wish to prepare our students as much as possible – and we enjoy hearing the different pronunciations ourselves!

Our teachers strive to give the most personal attention to our students. This includes spending time after class with an individual to work on their pronunciation or help them understand a difficult grammatical concept. Several times a year we offer an opportunity for the students to see their teachers ‘let their hair down’ at our social events – a sure favorite for most students!


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