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Developed in the 1960’s, The Callan Method is currently taught at one of the most well known language schools in London as well as throughout the world. Using this Method students are able to learn English four times faster than with a traditional method because the material is repeated several times over each lesson so the student masters the material before adding on the new work. Far from being boring, our teachers present the Method in a dynamic and personable way so the student learns as effectively as possible. The Method works by teacher and student constantly speaking, with the student seeing the actions of the teacher, hearing the correct pronunciation and grammar structure of the sentence, and most importantly saying the words of the sentence – all at the same time! Because the material is repeated, the student has several opportunities to understand more and more clearly the difficult aspects of learning to speak English, such as perfect tenses and pronunciation as well as practicing speaking and understanding the words they already know. Our small class sizes ensure personal attention given to individual students.

The only homework our students are obliged to do is correcting their dictations at home. However, many of our students read their books at home as well as listen to the cassettes or CD’s available to them. In these ways our students can improve their English and learn new words even faster!

One of the largest benefits of a conversational method is the focus on speaking keeps a student from thinking in their own native language. At our school, our teachers are trained to not rely on Hungarian translation – so our students experience what it would be like to be on the streets of London! It increases their ability to use the language in sentences used by Native Speakers.

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