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Budapest is a bustling and cosmopolitan metropolis in the heart of Central Europe. Every year thousands of people travel through this city on their way to the east, west, north or south of Europe! Because of this, Budapest offers a large variety of pubs, attractions, public transport and most importantly: the ancient Roman Baths offering their visitors various therapeutic remedies from soaking in the water of warm natural baths to saunas to massages. Budapest has a diverse cultural exchange and while walking down the street you can hear a multitude of languages!

Hungarians are proud of their history yet at the same time eager to shake off the negative effects from Communism and World War II, which are still affecting the economy and the nation as a whole. However, the Hungary of today has more to offer their visitors and people than historical facts. For example, their literature is rich with novelists and philosophers, while their wine, in all of its soothing forms, allows conversations to flow freely between friends or even strangers sitting at the next table!

While in Budapest, you can visit the large amount of shops on Vaci Street, Parliament, which is one of the largest Parliament buildings in Europe, Heroes Square, a very special monument depicting the heroes of Hungary Past, and you can hop on the oldest underground train on the continent!